Artisan Truffles

For chocolate lovers who like it dark & intense!

We specialise in creating handmade gourmet truffles of an artisan quality, eliciting a deep, rich chocolate flavour that lingers on the taste buds.

Velvety smooth & intensely creamy these delicious truffles will amaze & delight your senses.  Yes really!

These unique truffles belie the fact that they contain only three natural ingredients that the health conscious and gourmet connoisseurs will greatly appreciate.

We are very proud to have been shortlisted in the final of The Great British Food Awards.

Our truffles are infused with flavours and textures to delight everyone’s palate.

Our most popular flavour is dusted with raw cacao. You are spoiled with 6 other mouth-watering dustings of;

Chilli - Ginger - Coffee - Cinnamon - Maca and Umami. 

Made from just 3 raw organic health boosting ingredients, each chocolate truffle is bursting with intense yumminess. Now you can get your chocolate fix & a powerful nutritional boost all in the same delicious mouthful!

We hope that you enjoy the truffles as much as we love creating them for you :)



We are very proud to have been selected as a finalist in the Great British Food Awards.

Raw Cacao is a potent superfood in its purest form & we use stacks of the stuff to create our deliciously decadent raw cacao chocolate truffles.

Our organic fair trade & ethically sourced ecuadorian cacao is the best on the planet & tastes unbelievable.

From natural & raw ingredients we have created the most velvety smooth intensely creamy truffles that will amaze & delight your senses.


NO gluten, dairy, processed sugar, additive or soya.

Nothing nasty or unnatural, absolutely diddly squat, zero – completely Naked & Raw healthful ingredients.

All ingredients are bursting with health benefits & are suitable for every one, vegan, diabetic & the darn right greedy!

At last you can get your Chocolate fix in a healthy way!

Naturally vegetarian & vegan friendly xx  Yes you can go ahead & Thank me!:)

Our truffles are sent for you to enjoy in 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly packaging. You can choose from a 130g box containing 12 truffles to share at £15, or a 40g box containing 4 truffles at £5 to indulge in yourself!


Organic raw Arriba National Cacao, plumptious Medjool Dates and a smidge of raw Organic Coconut Oil ... and thats it folks!